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Digital production - Sustainable products - Black figures
Together we get to know the largest truck production facility in the world - the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. Variance and transformation at your fingertips, no two trucks are alike and alternative drive systems are already within reach. Together we will discuss the implementation of the Daimler Truck Strategy, which focuses on first-class plants, committed employees, efficient processes and reliable products. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth is becoming the centre for emission-free transport within the Mercedes-Benz truck production network. In the transformation towards CO2-neutral transport, Daimler Truck is consistently relying on two fully electric drive technologies: Battery and hydrogen-based fuel cell.
Brownfield goes digital
How does a 60-year-old factory manage the transformation into the here and now? The OSRAM factory relies on lean processes, a culture of cooperation and the use of advanced IOT technologies. In our view, the plant is representative of many factories in Germany and shows that transformation from a brownfield can succeed.
Lernreise Rückblick Industrie 4.0 live
Um Unternehmen bei der Umsetzung der digitalen Transformation zu unterstützen, bietet das Fraunhofer IPA gemeinsam mit der Robert Bosch GmbH und dem Macils Management Centrum die Lernreise »Industrie 4.0 live« an. Die zweite Auflage startete Mitte 2018 und endet im Sommer 2021. Die beiden Schirmherren, Stefan Aßmann und Thomas Bauernhansl, mit ihrem Resümee.
ZF - Lean goes digital

Are digital production platforms, virtual twins and Plug&Produce apps the new shining lights for tomorrow's production? In fact, pioneers like the automotive supplier ZF in Saarbrücken see a new steep development on the way to more productivity even in existing factories.
How does Tesla tick?
For many, this factory is a milestone on the road to our industrial future. But what is really behind the revolutionary Tesla principles? Will the factory of the future be lean, digital, green or TESLA?
Digital production - Sustainable products - Black figures
B/S/H Hausgeräte GmbH and its award-winning dust masonry plant in Bad Neustadt impressively prove it: economic production at the German location is possible even in highly competitive consumer markets. However, this is only possible if change is actively shaped and the potential of digitalisation and sustainability is fully exploited.

Digital process chains from ordering raw materials to networked production of blower motors to fully automated plastic injection moulding on the one hand, and sustainability and energy management on the product and process side on the other, point the way to the future in exemplary fashion.
Factory of the Future - Lean - Green - Digital
Be inspired by how the Bosch Homburg plant is realising its idea of a factory of the future. The Saarland plant is not only one of the pioneers in the implementation of Industry 4.0, but also in Energy Management 4.0. Here, essential prerequisites were created for Bosch to become the world's first global industrial company to have climate-neutral production since 2020.
Changing processes and organisations holistically
Learning Journey "Transformation live" shares "Changing Processes and Organisations Holistically
Part 1: Culture & Communication
in conversation with Martina Keck, Daimler Truck Consulting
A think tank of industrial transformation
What concrete added value does digital data offer in the production sector? Let's ask one of the global thought leaders! Under the motto "Think tank for industrial transformation" Microsoft shares its implementation experiences
From product to customer centricity
The aim of the workshop is to share experiences on how to systematically identify and focus on the needs of the customer. In short: from product-centricity to customer-centricity as a big step towards digital transformation. B/S/H successfully uses the JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) method here.
Flexibility Factory - Future made in Rohrbach
Under the motto " Flexibility Factory - Future made in Rohrbach " we take a look behind the scenes of the largest FESTO plant in Europe. Festo describes itself as a learning company. Our host Jürgen Otto puts it in a nutshell: "Good qualification ensures good processes and good performance". Thus, the Learning Factory I 4.0 impressively demonstrates how to actively involve employees in the digital transformation. The second common thread is the topic of flexibility. How can you react quickly and cost-effectively to customer wishes and produce batch size 1 with zero setup time in an automated way?
The Agile Way of Working
The ING learned from Spotify, Netflix and Google and was the first bank to implement "The Agile Way of Working".
Industry 4.0 @Operations
How will production be fit for the digital age? What happens to the existing machinery? And how do you deal with individual customer needs that could previously only be met by a single manufactory? The connector technology manufacturer HARTING is facing precisely these challenges and will be demonstrating its implementation status live in production.
Industry 4.0, networking, logistics, batch size 1
On the way to the Hardware+ company
In the future, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is to be not just a hardware company, but a "hardware+" company. But how will this change take shape? What opportunities and challenges need to be considered and what role do PLM and I4.0 play in this?
Digitalization and transformation live - Our path to becoming a lifetime partner
What does it look like, the path to the future? Digitization and cultural change will certainly play a very decisive role. "Our path to becoming a lifetime partner" is how the insurance group Generali and its digital subsidiary CosmosDirekt describe their own transformation.
The digital value chain from customer to customer
In Haiger, Hesse, Rittal has made the largest total investment in the company's history at 250 million euros and created an end-to-end digital value chain. Thus, a digital product twin extends from engineering through production and distribution deep into the customer's value creation processes.
Research landscape and integration platform for the future-proof factory
How can artificial intelligence technologies, image processing or even new operating systems for production ensure the competitiveness of our factories?
Lean and Industry 4.0 along the value chain
SEW Eurodrive is investing a high three-digit million euro amount in these modern factories. And in doing so, it is once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible: Two hours order throughput time with batch size 1 and without finished goods warehouse. Flexible small factory units with a high level of personal responsibility directly on the store floor. Worker assistance systems that support people at all stages of the value chain in the flow of information and materials. Experience the new electronics plant live!
Transformation of the entire value chain
Starting with a lean implementation in production, Schaeffler Special Machinery has undergone a fundamental transformation of its processes, culture, and business models over the last few years. The outward sign of the change is a completely redesigned working environment, which was intended to significantly improve collaboration and communication along the entire value stream.
#Beauty goes digital
Schwan Cosmetics has set up a "Digital Studio" to quickly develop digital ideas and solutions. Familiar processes were successfully turned upside down. To avoid an organization of two worlds with their own culture and speed, organizational integration was also driven forward at an early stage. Because the same applies here: Technology can only be a catalyst. People make the difference.
New Work. New Rules
The last few months have brought an unimagined dynamism to the topic of "New Work". The working world of tomorrow will be faster, more efficient and more flexible.
We need to rethink the way we design our working environment. But we also need to rethink the way we work together, both with our employees and with our customers.
Digitalization can accompany this change. But technology is not the main focus. Microsoft and Steelcase, both pioneers of a new world of work, are showing the latest possibilities in the design of the working environment and digitization, so that a new way of working can emerge.
How does the perhaps best factory in Germany "tick"? Get to know the management system of this multiple award-winning Robert Bosch GmbH plant first hand.
Smart Supply Chain Management
How the three-time "Factory of the Year" award winner is digitizing its supply chain and making it crisis-proof.
The way to a brilliant factory
Under the motto "Successful through lean and digitalization", INNIO Jenbacher will show how the combination of value-added orientation and digital networking creates superior communication between man and machine. Employees and machines communicate in real time. The resulting data is continuously analyzed. Digitization thus serves as the basis for continuous improvement in value creation.
Enthusiasm is transferable - Leadership in practice
How can you increase the motivation and willingness to perform of your own employees and awaken a lasting desire to perform? The right employee management has a significant influence here. Who knows this better than the Schindlerhof and the Kobjoll hotelier family. The Schindlerhof is not only the best conference hotel in Germany, but also winner of the European Quality Award and best employer in its sector in Europe. But see for yourself.
Everyone, every day, every place a little better
This is the motto of First Choice as one of the largest corporate programmes for the continuous improvement of the organisation, processes and cooperation. Deutsche Post DHL Group initiated this programme in 2006 and has implemented it in 220 countries and territories around the world. The successful broad rollout with 550,000 employees worldwide makes this programme unique.
The Development Path to Industry 4.0
In 30 years of pioneering work, Germany's first real-time production has been created. The well-known industry 4.0 expert Johann Hofmann reports
Industry 4.0, assistance systems, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen
The world of additive manufacturing
Learn from Europe's largest producer of 3D-printed components about the new possibilities of additive manufacturing from design to series production.
Industry 4.0, 3D Printing, Frank Kuechelmann, Materialise
The working world of the future
The current crisis is accelerating the changes in our world of work. The office mastermind Klaus Bieber diagnoses the current changes and advises managers how they can actively deal with them.
Work 4.0, home office, leadership, Klaus Bieber
Let's go digital
Digitalization delivers opportunities and risks Digital transformation, acceleration vs. deceleration, Johann Hofmann
10 workshop concepts for process improvements
Robert Hierl is considered a master of continuous improvement. He studied the culture of improvement in Japan and led it to success in this country. Now he shares his path to success.
Lean management, process management, value stream, KVP, Kaizen, Robert Hierl
The Industry 4.0 Lexicon
I 4.0 simply explained by Johann Hofmann
Industry 4.0, MES, assistance systems, IoT, HMI
Industry 4.0 - Digital Bosch factory in Blaichach/Immenstadt
At the Bosch plant in Blaichach in Bavaria, industrial machinery and technologies are passionately driven forward.
The video takes you on a journey to our factory of the future and gives you an insight into the holistic digital approach and the daily use of versatile Industry 4.0 applications by our experts.
Field report on the "Learning Journey Industry 4.0 live
Industry 4.0, Fraunhofer IPA, Bosch, 365 FarmNet, FESTO, Kärcher, Trilux, Hagleitner,
Best Practice Nuggets
The best factories and management concepts live
Work 4.0, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Lean Management, Kaizen/KVP, Employee Management, Operational Excellence, Save the planet, Business Model Innovations