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1. How can I participate or register myself and my colleagues?

You can register via the "Register" button in the upper right corner by 19.07.2022 at the latest. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation email and a link for participation. Click on the link at the specified time and you will be part of the event.

2. I have not received a confirmation email, what can i do?

Please contact us under Tel: 0711 7373 44-12 or under alina.bruehmann@macils.de so that we can verify your registration.

3. What do I need to participate in the event?

You need nothing more than your laptop and a stable Internet connection.

4. How can I participate or ask questions?

You can also easily ask questions and participate in the digital event. Simply click on the link or scan the QR code that will be displayed repeatedly during the event. On Slido, you can simply ask questions. Mr. Wasserloos will pass on incoming questions to the speaker throughout the event.

5. Do I need to turn on my camera or microphone?

No, the event will be streamed. Since it is not possible to talk to the speaker via the livestream, you do not need a microphone or camera. This is only possible in certain separate chat rooms, which will be announced accordingly by Mr. Wasserloos.

6. Can I listen to only certain lectures and skip others?

Yes, you are absolutely flexible and can join at any time via the link sent to you.

7. Will the plant tour still take place?

Yes, the plant tour will still take place. Let us surprise you!

8. How can I give feedback?

The feedback sheet will be fillable in the follow-up.

9. How many people can participate per company?

Per company you can register with the number of participants you have booked. For questions and additional participants please contact Ms. Alina Brühmann. 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Date & Time

21 July 2022

Start - 08:00 Friday

22 July 2022

End - 15:30

macils. management-centrum gmbh, Alina Brühmann

+49 711 73734412